2020 Theme Recalibrate, Reboot, Rebuild

How many of us can hand on heart say we’re using Programmatic to its full potential?
There’s little doubt it’s one of the greatest breakthroughs in selecting, targeting and buying media of this century. We’ve never had it so good. So why the long face?

Well…Houston, we may have a problem. We’re still far from realising its full potential. It may well be that we’re using a hammer to drive a screw.

As performance-based media we love it. Maybe a little too much. Like our brains, are we only using 10% of its capacity? What of the other 90%? What if we recalibrated it from being a mere utilitarian tool into our biggest weapon in building our brands? And what if we could tie it all together so sales and brand align? The left hand IS allowed to know what the right hand is doing.

It’s a conundrum. Something that’s working so well and so prolific, yet with (still) a huge untapped potential.

Half glass full or half glass empty? MMS Programmatic in 2020 aims to look at the half glass empty and, well, make it not so empty. Having all our marketing activity working inconcert is a great place to start. Building a brand and selling off the back of it with Programmatic as the sharpest knife in the draw.

Factor in the massive change that’s about to hit the industry like a tsunami and you can see, there’s never been a better time to Recalibrate, Reboot and Rebuild.

Google has declared it will abolish third-party cookies on Chrome by 2020. Everything changes. That’s why they’ve given us 2 years to come to terms with it.

There are a lot of smart minds already finding alternatives, creating new strategies, retooling and working with, rather than against, the tide. A lot of them will be at MMS Programmatic this year. We need to work it out.

How to build our house more effectively and cost efficiently. How to put forward the right strategies, because while we’re witnessing the end of manual trading, it’s the minds behind the machine that make the real differences.

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